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JAICAF conducted Training Course on On-farm Water Management for
Afghanistan in Autumn 2011.
Please see the report on it!

--- Press Release for the Training Course
----Photo Gallery "Water Keepers"
----Photo Gallery "Karez in Afghanistan"
----Photo Gallery "Agriculture in Afghanistan"
----Photo Gallery "Children's Lives"

"Solution for steep rise of feed price"

1.Challenge to large-scale livestock production by recycling resources and in coexistence with local community - based on the merchant spirit pursuing the common happiness for three parties (consumers - producers - local community)

2.Recent advances in research and development in fermented rice roughage and feed grain rice

3.Low Cost Feeder Stock Breeding by Utilization of Unused Resources

4.Intermediary between food processing industry and livestock farmers for facilitating circulation of byproducts - Case study of Aoyama Trading Firm, Co., Ltd., Aichi Prefecture

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